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Welcome to the Sacred Hearth of Dawn Black, a homesteading hearth witch from the Midwest United States.
This is my personal journal and Book of Shadows, loaded with wortcunning, kitchen witchery and Pagan parenting adventures, heavily seasoned with opinions and politics, presented here in the hopes that my experience and research will, in some way benefit you.

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Recent Rants

Gardening By The Moon

Gardening according to the phases of the moon is an ancient practice. Those of us who garden as an expression of our spirituality and our connection with both the Earth and our ancestors may wish to incorporate the moon phases and the lunar calendar into our gardening. There are generally two things that are considered when gardening by the moon. The first is the moon phase and the second is the astrological house the moon is in. Read on to find out how they each affect your plants differently....

Crafting Magical Meals

There are many approaches to using magick and creating a meal with magickal intent is a method embraced the Kitchen Witch. Everything in Nature has energy that can be harnessed and directed toward the manifestation of your Will, food included. Whether you prepare and consume your magical meal as a compliment to other magical work, ceremony or spellwork or as a stand-alone spell in and of itself, a little planning will go a long way toward your success. Here are some tips for preparing a magical...

Entertaining At Midwinter

The Winter Solstice occurs sometime between December 20th and 22nd and is the shortest day and longest night of the year and the official start of winter, though some folks will feel that winter has set in long before its arrival and some of us are saying you ain't seen nothin' yet! . This time of darkness gives rise to a number of holidays to brighten up the gloom of the season with a celebration anticipating the return of the light. I like to use the name Midwinter as a path-neutral...

Housewarming House Plants

If you're as bummed about the end of the gardening season as I am, you may be thinking of ways to brighten up your indoor surroundings and nothing says springtime like some green. Live plants instantly lift the energy in your home and some can also bring specific magical energy into your space. And if you aren't lucky enough to have a plot of Earth to care for, houseplants can help you to feel that connection we gardeners long for. African Violet My mother loves African violets. It was always a...

In Season

The Crow Moon

The full moon in March marks the return of many birds and a lot of crow ruckus. Our crows stay all year, but the very early spring sees a lot of noise and activity from them. The sand hill cranes might be making a ruckus too as they return from their winter vacation. Many call this the full worm moon, but our soil isn't reliably soft enough to earn that name here. Our last frost date isn't until the middle of May, after all. I am partial to the name Spider Moon as I always see more spiders this...

The Moon in Aries

The full moon in Aries is usually the Harvest Moon or Hunter's Moon in Autumn. The New Moon in Aries takes place in late March or Early April. The Aries Moon and Your Magick Aries is a firey, protective, masculine sign and supports energy related to increasing male potency, courage, ensuring victory. New Moon in Aries to First Quarter (Lunar Day 1-8ish) (January, February, March, April) A good time to begin new projects, especially those that need a bit of courage. Any spells for increasing male...

Hearth Moon

The full moon in late August or early September is, for me, the Hearth Moon. There are a few reasons for this. First, it occurs quite near the anniversary of the day I purchased my house and, as the weather starts to cool down and the garden is hugely abundant, I find myself spending more time in the kitchen. This is the start of the in-gathering. I am harvesting and making the first preparations for winter. Also, my littles are headed back to school and that's just one more thing to make me...

New Moon In Aries

The new moon in Aries is a good time for starting new projects, especially those that need a little extra courage. It is also a good time to purchase, consecrate and dedicate a new ritual blade. The new moon is in Aries in late March or early April, when the sun is in April. New Project, Well Begun Courage from Within Blessings of Courage Ritual Blade Dedication Magical Tool Dedication Ceremony Also a good time for a, Ritual in Honor of Artemis, Ritual to Ares or a Ritual in Honor of Athena

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