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Welcome to the Sacred Hearth of Dawn Black, a homesteading hearth witch from the Midwest United States.
This is my personal journal and Book of Shadows, loaded with wortcunning, kitchen witchery and Pagan parenting adventures, heavily seasoned with opinions and politics, presented here in the hopes that my experience and research will, in some way benefit you.

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Recent Rants

A Simple Kitchen Witches Herb Garden

Gardening can be intimidating and, for those of us who do not have our own patch of dirt to tend, it can seem nearly impossible. But growing and using your own herbs is quite satisfying and can only improve our magical relationship with them. And if you don't have your own patch of dirt, many herbs grow quite satisfactorily in pots on a windowsill or a porch step. Here, I hope to list some of the easiest and most useful herbs for a start toward your magical herb garden. Obviously, this is not an...

Gardening By The Moon

Gardening according to the phases of the moon is an ancient practice. Those of us who garden as an expression of our spirituality and our connection with both the Earth and our ancestors may wish to incorporate the moon phases and the lunar calendar into our gardening. There are generally two things that are considered when gardening by the moon. The first is the moon phase and the second is the astrological house the moon is in. Read on to find out how they each affect your plants differently....

Crafting Magical Meals

There are many approaches to using magick and creating a meal with magickal intent is a method embraced the Kitchen Witch. Everything in Nature has energy that can be harnessed and directed toward the manifestation of your Will, food included. Whether you prepare and consume your magical meal as a compliment to other magical work, ceremony or spellwork or as a stand-alone spell in and of itself, a little planning will go a long way toward your success. Here are some tips for preparing a magical...

Entertaining At Midwinter

The Winter Solstice occurs sometime between December 20th and 22nd and is the shortest day and longest night of the year and the official start of winter, though some folks will feel that winter has set in long before its arrival and some of us are saying you ain't seen nothin' yet! . This time of darkness gives rise to a number of holidays to brighten up the gloom of the season with a celebration anticipating the return of the light. I like to use the name Midwinter as a path-neutral...

In Season

The Gift Of The Trees

You will need: To be in an outdoor area with many different kinds of trees. A tree identification book Read the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Establish Sacred Space Meditation: Imagine you are a little seed hanging high on the branch of a tall tree until a strong wind comes by and knocks you down to the ground. You fall into the soft bed of leaves your mother and father and all of their brothers and sisters left for you on the ground and you lay there for a time. The sun shines, and...

Vernal Equinox Devotion To Eos

This ritual is great for symbolically “sowing” plans that will be “harvested” in the coming year for urban Pagans. Preparation must begin several weeks before Eostre- Begin collecting eggshells. Use your eggs as normal, but instead of cracking them, carefully, cut a circle in the narrow end using nail cutting or surgical scissors. Let the eggshell dry and save it for later. You can dye it using food grade dyes or fruit juice. You will also need: Potting soil mixed with equal parts vermiculite...

Gardening By The Moon

This is a work in progress guide to go with my 2017 schedule calendar. Moonphase Moon Sign Activity Avoid New moon Aries Waxing Aries Dig, harvest, prepare beds, turn compost, plant cane fruit, irrigate Full moon Aries Weed and hunt bugs, plant grain crops, broadcast crops, fodder crops Waning Aries Weed and hunt bugs, start compost, dig, harvest, dry/dehydrate for storage, prepare beds, turn compost, dry/dehydrate for storage New Moon Taurus Plant leafy greens, brassicas, corn,...

Spring Equinox Rituals With The Kids

This is a ritual in that you do it every year to mark the change of season. It's basically an Easter egg hunt with a bit of spirituality thrown in. It is not a ceremony. I have found that kids don't stand much on ceremony. This is an at-home activity you can do with your own kids. If you have a camp out or sleepover for the equinox, you could work it into the activities too. If you have quite a few kids, you may need to do some improvising. This activity is fun for kids 2 years old and older....

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