Autumn Equinox Traditions

The Autumn Equinox has been called the Witches’ Thanksgiving. It is the second (middle) of the three harvest festivals, beginning with the First Harvest and

Thanksgiving Prayer

The Earth Gives us the food we eat The Sun warms it and makes it sweet And we remember all who give Of themselves so

Using Herbs for Magick

Herblore or Wortcunning is often closely associated with Witchcraft in the public imagination and indeed many witches are also experts in using plants for magical


Because I raise rabbits for meat, I am always looking for good rabbit recipes and hassenpfeffer is a classic, and so one of the first

Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the most popular garden plants. Store bought tomatoes cannot compare to the flavor and texture of fresh, homegrown tomatoes, still warm from

Growing Celery

A few years ago, I planted three celery plants I bought at the garden center in my herb garden and basically treated them like my

Housewarming Houseplants

If you’re as bummed about the end of the gardening season as I am, you may be thinking of ways to brighten up your indoor